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LL Cool J

Actor, Rapper, Two-time GRAMMY Award winner, Kennedy Center Honoree

"Future generations need us, and we need them. Future generations should inform our decisions today, because what we do today informs the future generations. So embrace the wisdom, ideas, and concepts in this book.... My grandmother used to say if a task is once begun, never leave it till it’s done, be thy labor great or small, do it well or not at all. I suggest you do it well. Read, absorb, and enjoy Passing the Generation Blessing."

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Jack Hayford

Chancellor Emeritus, The King's University

"The theme [of this book] addresses an essential value that every family should embrace, and the author is a leader who has modeled this message in his ministry, marriage, and home. Ken is a personal friend. I can fully attest to the depth of his character, strength of his ministry, verification of his ability, and the fruitful impact of his ministry in Los Angeles, across the United States, and in nations of the world where he has ministered."

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Dr. Tony Evans

President, The Urban Alternative; Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

"In this insightful work, my good friend Dr. Kenneth Ulmer challenges, encourages, and convicts us about the absolute necessity of providing a spiritual legacy for the next generation. Passing the Generation Blessing will equip God’s people to fight and win the battle for ourselves and for those who are looking to us to victoriously guide them into the future of God’s blessing."

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Robert Morris

Lead Senior Pastor, Gateway Church; Bestselling author of The Blessed Life

"I have been great friends with Ken for many years, and I believe God has uniquely gifted him to make the Bible relevant in every area of our lives. In his new book, Passing the Generation Blessing, he explains how important it is for us to share the stories about God’s work in our lives, because our testimonies can change lives. If you want to have an impact on the next generation, you have to tell your story!"

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Sam Chand

Leadership consultant and author of Leadership Plan

"Challenging. Provoking. Encouraging. Biblical. Hopeful. Wow! These are some of my first responses to Passing the Generation Blessing by my friend Bishop Kenneth Ulmer. His ability to translate ancient biblical texts into twenty-first-century parlance is unparalleled. However, what I love most about this book is that the messenger is the message. Bishop Ulmer’s internal personal congruence is personified in this book. You’ll learn, grow, and share this with all Christian leaders you know—I did."

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About the Book



God has given you the responsibility to pass your faith to the next generation. When you speak to your children about God, pray for them, and encourage them on their spiritual journey, you prepare them to live a life of enduring faith and blessings.

"In our walk with God, the passing of the blessing is not a suggestion, it's not an additional optional extra.... It's a command, a mandate to those who have been blessed. And the blessing is not only to be passed to your children, but also to your children's children."


Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer is senior pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church in Southern California. He has studied at Pepperdine University, Hebrew Union College, the University of Judaism, Christ Church, and Magdalen College at Oxford University in England. He received a PhD from Grace Graduate School of Theology in Long Beach, California. He received his doctor of ministry from United Theological Seminary. Dr. Ulmer and his wife are residents of Los Angeles, California, and have been married for thirty-six years. They have three daughters, one son, and six grandchildren. 

Passing the Generation Blessing shows you how to communicate with your children in a way that inspires them to live a life in testament to God's infinite love. The story of God's goodness is an instrument by which you speak to the next generation. "If you want to have a positive impact," writes Dr. Ulmer, "tell the story."


When God blesses you, He doesn't do it in secret. Now is the time to pass God's blessings to the next generation!

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